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The Binsraad Council & Binhead Troopers

'ave a graf!*, and burn for the Emperor!

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"If you're getting stoned anyway, you may as well just play Binhead...it's more fun, and generally way more puerile"- Vorian Atreides, annotated axioms.

"...a spine-tingling, marvelously paranoid ride into the heart of psychological darkness..." - Chinese Emperor Qin Shi Huang, shortly after his first game of Binhead, circa 230 BCE.

This is the original community of united Binhead players. If you play Binhead, join!
If you hate Binhead, join!
If you've never even heard of Binhead, join!

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Binhead is a game that combines stamina, dexterity, cannabis, mental focus, and really stupid forfeits, it is played by various groups of people across the UK as well enclaves in Canada and Ireland and perhaps beyond...
First you make some spliffs, then get a pint glass and stick some rizlas together [preferably silver or blue], and fasten them over the pint glass with a hair band. Then the players take it in turns to make a burn on it with a spliff until the coin in the middle [5p] falls in, whoever's burn made it fall in does the pre-agreed upon forfeit, and there you go.


Alternate versions include:

Binhead: The Ascension [Otherwise known as "Tournament Rules", where when the seventh spliff is reached the number of burns go up by one every time a spliff gets back round to the one who lit the seventh (now known as The Ascender), thus bringing a more rapid end to the game without rushing its earlier phase.

"Binhead is a lie invented by a technocratic enemy who has written history to its liking.
The truth is Ascension Head.
The game of Binhead can be crafted with a simple working of your will. Mages have taught this truth throughout the ages, but the proponents of technology have crushed the mystic masters.
Join the last stand in the war for reality. Binhead: The Ascension places you in the midst of supernatural intrigues and inner struggles. The more secrets you learn, the more important your wisdom and power become. Binhead drags spirituality and metaphysics screaming through the streets of a postmodern nightmare."

Numero-head [where the bin is divided up into an enumerated grid and you roll a dice to see where you burn]

Dice-head [where you roll a dice to see how many burns you make each time the spliff reaches you]

Turntable-head [on a slowly revolving record turn table]

Spliff-head [where you roll a dice for each spliff to see how many burns are to be made each time with said spliff untill the next one is lit, when another roll is made]

Inceaso-head [where the number of burns increases with each round/spliff/person (or golden spiral sequence)]

Technicolour-head [where the bin is colour coded (in any pattern desired), with a colour for each player and players only burn in their colour-zone(s), if a player burns away all their colour on the bin without losing they are "out" and can watch the rest of the game with no fear of a forfeit]

Strand-garden [using 'old rules', no edge burns allowed only individual burns, thus creating a "strand garden"]

Zen-head [where the bin is in fact a mental construct and each burn, and all it's ramifications are carefully contemplated by all, in full, before another burn is made]

Total-darkness-head [where the game is played in total darkness with only the light of the end of the spliff to burn with]

3-second rule-head [where each player may take no longer than 3 seconds to make their burn]

Chung-Head/ Bin-Kuo - Imperial Version [Firstly you obtain a standard Bin, the Bin however must be covered from rim to rim with alternately black and white squares, approximately 1 cm square.
The Mode of playing is as such:
All burns must be placed within a square, not on adjoining lines. A player makes make his first burn where ever he wishes, all burns must then be placed in a square next to the previously burned square [ie second burn next to first, third next to second, and so on], in any direction diagonal or straight. A master of the game then may create danger areas on the Bin and attempt to channel his adversaries into such areas while avoiding them [and those created by others] himself. However Chung-Head/ Bin-Kuo does require that the player always remember where their last burn was placed, in order to know what possibly burns can be made.
Squares already burned upon may be used for further burns provided there is paper left in them. Making large burns that encompass more than one square is considered the hight of bad etiquette in this Mode, and should result in hearty and outraged Chung-Vibros from all other players, accompanied by cries of I WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS! .
This Mode can be played right to the bitter end of a Bin, as the difference between black and white remains till the last. An adaptation of this is The Long March version. Played exactly as above save that each persons burn follows on from that of the last player rather than their own last burn from the spliff's previous time around, thus leading to a "Long March".
Optimally it is for 2 - 4 players as it tends to get to complex beyond that.]
Chung-head/ Bin-kuo was inspired by David Wingrove's epic future-history of Imperial China, Chung Kuo.

Fishing-head [where the spliff is tied to the end of a string which in turn is attached to the end of a rod. Burns are made dangling the spliff over the Bin and touching the cherry to the paper. Said to be "a gentleman's game". This version requires practice to play with any skill.

Battleships-Head [Everyone playing has their own Bin, each with a grid of classic 1cm squares drawn on with identical alpha-numeric grid references. Each player secretly colours in 10 of their squares black, with at least one grouping of three. All playing then arrange themselves with their Bins concealed from each other behind screens of some description. All players burn simultaneously in the same square, with the players taking it in turns to name the coordinates. The player who's turn it is to name the coordinates should avoid squares that they themselves have coloured [their "ships"] and try to name a place that they think others may have coloured. The forfeit for the game is one of a 1 to 10 list increasing in harshness as the number gets higher. What forfeit is done by the loser is decided by how many chips they have lost in the game [ie how many of their coloured squares they had to burn away]. Though if one of any players has to burn on any of their big ships [three squares together] it is counted as if all three have gone for the 1 to 10 forfeit rating, but does not have to physically burn away all three squares. As all players are making the same burns all the way through who loses is decided purely by skill and how well each burn is made by the players on their own Bins, and the harshness is decided by how many "ships" the loser has lost during the game.] This version is actually way to crazy, There is a possibility it may work for one-on-ones but this has yet to be tried.

Mystery-head [where only the current Emperor actually knows what kind of binhead is being played]

It is also customary to randomly select, via book or net, 2 [1 male and 1 female] deitys from any pantheon to be your "favorite gods" and symbolic patrons for the game "RIGHT TO THE GODS". When The Gods Book isn't handy, try GodChecker.com.

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The full Binsraad also meets once a year in the Binhead Tournament, the winner of which becomes the EMPEROR OF THE KNOWN BINVERSE.


KRONULUS II [incumbent]
KRONULUS I [controversial victory]

Who will be the next?...
Tournaments are conventionally held annually, in the weeks before Halloween.
The Constitution of Tournament V [2007]

* "Grafs" are what most bin-head players call splifs, due to at times their resembling the great Graf Zeppelins of times gone by, all hail count von Zeppelin and his marvelous creations!

* The "vibro" is a specialized Binhead form of personal assault, reserved for those that drop out of a game, or just deserve it. It involves the grasping of the victim's head and then rapid vibration, resulting in extreme messing up of the victim's hair and the vibroing of their brain & skull. Viiiiiiiibro!


It should also be noted that the people in the bellow photos are normally possessed of more dignity than you may see here. When it's the tournament dignity is generally left at the door...

A Compilation of Tournament Photos and Videos

October 2006

Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Round 4
Round 5
Round 6
Tournament Log
More Random Pictures
YouTube Videos

January 2006

TriGraff Post Imperial Kronulus
From the City of the Veiled Dagger...
A fallen wreck of a post imperial emperor
Blowing Raspberries in ketchup
Beans from the council
Tinfoil bread head
Ketchup Aftermath
A Random Movie
Is that a binee gesrite
Thrown in electrofluid
A Binhead Round 2 Game
A Binhead Round 3 Game
Marmite Face Mr Martin Attack
The Marmite face of a fallen Emperor
Ready for a melt of paradise
The Melt of Paradise
At least thats what they used to call it
Lazlo hortabagyi
Ogham woad and cross
In Praise of Oghama

More photos still to be uploaded!!

October 2004

The tournament in full from start to finish
The End of the Nightmare
Eyes the eyes..!
What is the information?!!!!

August 2002

How Many Players?

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